Dharwad is city nestled by seven hills and dotted with a number of lakes. Because of its geographical location and enchanting climate it was the most sought after land mass in the region. So much so, the Imperial rulers decided to have their headquarters here and patronized it.

Therefore it grew as a cultural and liberal education capital of the region. It may surprise everyone now, when they hear that Dharwad along with Delhi was short listed to become the capital of British India.

There is a saying in this region, that if you throw a stone it will land on either a poet or a musician or a lake. So much was art and education and natural beauty a part and parcel of everybody’s life.
With this kind of history and pedigree, it is no surprise that this city of 3 lakh has had three of its residents honoured with the prestigious Jnanapeetha award. It is also said that the careers of musicians and writers will not bear fruition unless they perform  in Dharwad and write in and on Dharwad. 

The Majestic Gateway to Dharwad Fort.


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