In life there are a certain things that cannot be explained or expressed in words. One such aspect is the presence of God among us and signs of that presence in today’s world. Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha is so unique and amazing that one would be awestruck when one just hears about it. People who are blessed to have his darshan will feel his power and his presence. I am one such blessed person. In fact I am so blessed that he had me found. Yes! one fine morning Arun Charantimath walked into my office to develop a website, little did I know that he was a messenger of Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha. After going through a very bad and rough patch in my life, I had just joined this company and was planning to start a new division and head it too. I was the only person in this new division that I had envisaged when Arun had given me a laminated photo of Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha. Not a single day goes by, at my office, without I seeking this blessings. Today after 30 months, I don’t just head a division in a company. I own a full-fledged animation design company, I have clients all across the globe. I have about a 100 designers working for me and the company is  growing ever since. 

Anithing Studios.Bangalore


I was not even aware of the existence of the Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha installed at  Charantimath Layout in Dharwad. After the idol was consecrated I was told about it by my good friend and senior journalist M Madan Mohan who has written a beautiful essay on it. His good words about Siddha Ganesha made me want to have darshan and forced me to make a trip to Dharwad city for that purpose. The experience I gained at first sight of the Siddha Ganesha is really indescribable. I was, to say in the least, fascinated by the radiant look of the idol which depicts the distinct main features of the Lord Ganesha quite naturally. It was my moment of purposefulness when I stood before the Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha. The authenticity of the idol as being that of a Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha is unquestionable when it has been confirmed beyond doubt by the well known Vedic scholar Bhalachandra Shastry and noted archaeologist Dr.A.Sundara. I have no doubt that the temple dedicated to Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha would emerge as one of the important landmarks in the city of Dharwad. May Lord Siddha Ganesh bring peace happiness and prosperity to one and all.

Pramod Mellegatti
Special Correspondent
The Hindu
Shimoga, Karnataka.

I am a firm believer of GOD and he has never let me down whenever I was in despair in all my life. I have always turned to HIM both during good days and bad days. It was during 2004 I first saw the idol of Swayambhu Siddha Ganesha at Charantimath’s  place. I felt happy when I had his darshan and also felt a sense of strength and motivation to excel in my life. My frequent visits to the temple gave me more confidence, courage and strength to face life and work towards achieving goals. Now, whatever I am, I owe it all to the LORD. I always look forward to visiting the temple and seek blessings for me and my family. May Lord Siddha Ganesha bless all the devotees and make their wishes come true.

Kumaraswamy .Shankar .Sontakki
Software Engineer, Accenture, 
Bangalore, Karnataka.

I am a student of Science and do not take anything at face value. Only after due enquiry will I accept anything as fact and truth. I am also a believer in God. After having a darshan of Swayambhu Siddha Ganesh, I felt pure and free. I have a new jest for life and have gained courage to face it.

Ashok Dalwai: IAS, Secretary
Dept of Industries,
Govt of Orissa,
Bhubhaneshwar, Orissa.

“Thanks for leading me to the Light that created all of us; the benefactor of Mankind. I have no words to express the divinity and serenity of that place in Dharwad. I am indeed blessed. Please involve me in all the efforts to make this a Mahakshetra.” 

S S Chandrashekhar,
Executive Director,
KSFC, Bangalore, Karnataka.


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